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Start Earning Passive Cryptocurrency with Helium Hotspot Mining

Helium is a relatively new blockchain that is designed to create decentralized and public wireless networks. These networks allow IOT (the Internet Of Things) to communicate with each other.

The internet of things is made up of physical devices that contain sensors and antennas with the purpose of connecting with each other and exchanging information. Many “smart” things are examples of applications for IoT devices. Smart light bulbs, dishwashers, washing machines, and garage doors can all save you time and electricity by communicating with each other and behaving more efficiently.

This is where Helium comes in. Helium uses a special radio frequency (RF) technology that is designed to provide broad coverage to IoT devices. The Helium team is attempting to create broad wireless coverage for these IoT devices by having people install hotspots in their homes. As more hotspots are installed, the network will continue to widen and become more reliable; and in exchange for providing coverage to the network, hotspot owners are rewarded in HNT cryptocurrency.

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